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Water Rescue Boat
Water Rescue Boat donated by Sportsman's Club - Picture curtesy of Aaron Quirt
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Fire Department

The Browerville Fire Department is composed of 22 volunteers.  Fire service is provided to the City of Browerville and seven surrounding townships.   We also have mutual aid agreements with the surrounding communities in order to provide the best possible protection of life and property for the area. 

The department has two pumpers, two tankers, two grass rigs, and a rescue vehicle. Our volunteers train as "First Responders" providing quick assistance at accident scenes until the Browerville Ambulance team arrives.   In order to provide the best possible service to our residents, the department has a variety of specialized equipment including "Jaws of Life" for extrication & a thermal imaging camera to assist in the location of fire victims, and a water rescue boat.

Our firefighters train on a regular basis in order to remain proficient with the specialized equipment as well as to learn new techniques.  Our mutual aid departments train with our volunteers in such sessions as school bus accident rescues and propane tank explosions.  One way that our department provides a community service while also gaining valuable training time and knowledge is by providing industrial facility inspections to local industries.  These inspections not only help local businesses safeguard their property, it also familiarizes our firefighters with the structures and contents.

Members of the Department are proud to be part of our greater community.  They participate in a variety of community events including tours of the fire hall for elementary school students both public, parochial and home school.  Visits to the schools during Fire Safety Week as well as the local Early Child and Family Education classes.  Escorts for the local high school athletic teams, organizing parking for sporting events and graduation.  The department also participates in Browerville Days and Memorial Day parades and concessions. 

The Browerville fire fighters have worked diligently over the years to control the costs of operations for the City and Townships.  They have raised funds and successfully sought out funds from local organizations to help offset the cost of new equipment.  They have also assisted in writing grants that have successfully gained the department new bunker gear, a new thermal imaging camera, a new slide in pump for grass fires and a new Cascade Air System. 


Not only do they fight fires, assist in both land and water rescues, provide aid to the Browerville Ambulance Service, provide community service to residents, businesses and youth of the area, they have also been known to build their own trucks.